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"...the cruise control of choice
               for HEAVY DUTY applications"

Are you looking for a new cruise control servo for your mechanical diesel engine?  Would you like to replace that ineffective vacuum cruise with a full electronic-mechanical cruise control? Do you have RV Cruise Control problems? Is your current RV Cruise Control Not working? Do you need a reliable Truck Cruise control? Our cruise control kits are the favorite add on cruise controls for truckers and RVers with older mechanical diesel engines. The King Controls Cruise King is a fully universal cruise control system that works with older Cat, Cummins, Detroit Diesel and other mechanical engines. The King Cruise is a heavy duty after market cruise control that is designed for working in the roughest of conditions. No other after market cruise control is made to the demanding specs of the trucking market.  Although not specifically made for gas engines, if you have an application where you need a tough cruise to last, the Cruise King can be modified to work with any mechanical engine gas or diesel.

 Find out why EVERY MAJOR MOTORHOME and TRUCK MANUFACTURER and their dealers chose the CRUISE KING over all other controls. The King Controls Cruise was chosen by GILLIG, ROADMASTER, FREIGHTLINER, SPARTAN OSHKOSH, DYNOMAX and others as the cruise of choice over all other manufactures. KENWORTH, PETERBILT AND FREIGHTLINNER trucks chose the King Controls Cruise for its direct ship program after extensive testing on their test tracks.
Our cruise has the best warranty of any cruise in the world, with a TWO YEAR PARTS WARRANTY.

Cruise King LLC can offer to owners of mechanical diesel engines, the cruise needed to fit your needs. We replace cruise controls that are no longer being manufactured, such as Bendix, Econocruise, Dana, and others. Our cruise control can be used on Semi-trucks, Recreational Vehicles and bus conversions. Our cruise control is relatively easy to install. It does not require air pumps or vacuum. All electronics and mechanical functions are located in one box called an actuator. This eliminates the need to install separate electronic and mechanical parts and eliminates a number of wires.

Why install a cruise?

A cruise control will do many things. Foremost, it EASES FATIGUE on the driver. By constantly monitoring road speed and making adjustments to the throttle, a cruise will hold a set point within a mile an hour, thus allowing the driver to take his attention off of maintaining speed. A cruise allows a driver to change positions while also taking his attention off his gauges and onto the road and scenery. A cruise control will PAY FOR ITSELF IN FUEL SAVINGS. Cruise King guarantees all drivers of high horsepower diesel engines a fuel savings of .2 MPG. A trucker can pay for his cruise control in less than one year. A King Cruise makes your vehicle more fuel efficient.

With all these benefits what is to stop you from investing in a cruise control today?

Choose your cruise 

Cruise controls for any mechanical diesel engine. Kits have been standardized to $595.00 for any standard mechanical truck, RV or bus cruise control. (Specialty applications or electronic engines vary in pricing) We have full kits to fit diesel motor homes, with extra wiring if it is a diesel pusher. We also have kits to work with both class 8 and  business class trucks. We can also supply just the actuators to vehicles that already have King Cruise wiring installed. Call 507-334-0250 for specialty price quotes today, Or e-mail us at for pricing and answers to your application questions. CALL US ANY TIME WITH QUESTIONS ABOUT APPLICATION, TO ORDER PARTS OR FOR ASSISTANCE ON TROUBLESHOOTING OR INSTALLATION. WE WOULD LOVE TO ASSIST YOU. 

(507) 334-0250

King Cruise Controls were origially designed for the heavy duty trucking industry. It is not uncommon to hear from truckers who have had over one million trouble-free miles with a King Cruise. One feature favored by truckers is the OPTIONAL dial control panel attached to te stick shift. This allows a driver to speed up and slow down with a touch of his fingers. Standard truck cruise includes toggle switches. Standard ON/OFF and SET/RESUME. Set doubles as coast or decelerate, resume is also used to accelerate.

RV cruise

Since 1989 King Controls has been supplying cruise controls to the Motor Home industry.  King Cruises have been used on Oshkosh, Freightliner, Dynomax, Gillig, Spartan, and Roadmaster Chassis.  We have also been used as replacement cruises for those no longer in production such as Bendix, Econo-cruise, Dana and others.   If you already have a King Cruise on your motorhome, contact us for a specific part  number, as some of our kits were made with specs designated by the manufacturer.

Bus conversions

The cruise of choice for many doing their own conversions is the King Cruise.  Everything one would need is supplied or available from Cruise King.  We have switches, signal generators, and all wiring harnesses.

Construction equipment

Cruise King has low speed cruise controls for paint stripers, herbicide sprayers and other construction applications.  Cruise systems for mechanical engines.  Call for information

Service Vehicles

Cruise King had controls to limit speeds on vehicles.  End user can set two limits one low one high.  Typical applications are airport service vehicles.  Deice equipment can be set at a 4 - 6 mph low speed limit.  Can also set a top speed of 15mph to 60 mph.  Products  for mechanical engines.  Call for part numbers and pricing.

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